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Yucatan´s International Convention Center is prepared to face the current context of the industry.

Classified as the first digital convention center with LEED Platinum certification in Latin America, Yucatan´s International Convention Center, located in the tourist corridor of Merida, has technological features that enable it to cope with the current context, said Panduit.

"The current context makes it necessary for meeting and congress venues to have devices to monitor and control access, CO2 levels, temperature, etcetera. All these devices require a robust infrastructure. In this sense, the Yucatan International Convention Center was ahead of the curve. In 2018, the year in which it began operations, it went a step further, as they not only developed a digital venue, but they are also a benchmark in the industry by demonstrating that technology and the demands of today's tourism are not opposed to biosecurity and environmental care," commented Juan Pablo Borray, business development manager for Latin America at Panduit.

The site has the capacity to connect 10,000 people simultaneously and has a robust infrastructure that allows the automation and adjustment of the various systems that converge in the network. In addition, it has high biosecurity standards that give attendees peace of mind when they are in the venue. On the other hand, inside the building there is a natural cenote rescued by the project, which came back to life and once again became home to various species of local flora and fauna.

According to Panduit, one of the main challenges of this project was to find technological solutions appropriate to the geographical and climatological conditions of the area, the architectural typology of the site, local and international health standards, while being environmentally friendly, The main goal was that the venue could host meetings and conventions of international stature while offering users full coverage of voice and data services, as well as the ability to monitor and control in real time each of the variables of the place to provide a personalized experience in each event and in the current context to ensure the biosafety of the attendees.

Some of the benefits that the Yucatan International Convention Center has before its return to fully face-to-face activities are:

-Security. Because it has 269 video surveillance cameras that transmit in real time and remotely.

-Automated infrastructure. Which allows to control air conditioning systems, video surveillance, lighting, signage, voice and data, as well as controlled access, among others.

-Biosafety control and monitoring systems. It has mechanisms to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide, access controls that allow better management of the number of attendees, video surveillance systems to ensure that biosafety standards are met, temperature controls and air conditioning per room, among others.

-Energy savings through lighting. Because it has intelligent systems that program and control the entire lighting network remotely.

-Waste reduction. All polluting waste resulting from events and exhibitions can be reduced by up to 90% due to the recycling stations.

-Reduction in water consumption. By having rainwater collection and recycling systems, as well as a wastewater treatment plant.

-A voice and data network with full coverage. Which makes it possible to deliver services to exhibitors and organizers in an easy and modular way, designed for the rental of advertising space, from foyers, halls, meeting rooms, etc.

-A network capable of connecting 10,000 people simultaneously. Thanks to the robust infrastructure, it can provide excellent speed and continuity of connection to attendees.

"The innovation offered by the Yucatan International Convention Center is a model to be followed in meeting tourism in Mexico, in terms of sustainability, biosafety and the use of technologies for the welfare of the people. It sets a benchmark in the way congresses are held in the country during the new normality. But it goes beyond that, because the technologies used can be replicated in different buildings such as shopping malls, schools, etc.," said Oliver García, operations director of the Yucatán International Convention Center.

The Yucatan International Convention Center has the technology, regulations and personnel necessary to meet the security and wellbeing expectations of all its attendees, concluded Panduit.

Panduit is a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure solutions with solutions for energy, communications, IT, control and security systems. The company has a worldwide coverage of more than 4,000 employees, with support in more than 120 countries. Founded in 1955, Panduit is headquartered in Tinley Park, Illinois, USA.

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